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 They are absolutely fantastic. OMG. Perfect fit, they stack like a dream and are so sturdy. I’m just in love with these bowls. Thank you so much for giving me my moneys worth and so much more. Enjoy!!!

Enilorac Reviewed in the United States

This pot has nearly as good of finish as the Cuisinart. You can hold the pot in either hand and pour the contents, and this makes quite a difference. Also, the helper handle. I repeat. The helper handle.

CarefulPurchaser12 Reviewed

These bowl are GORGEOUS!  I've been looking for a new large bowl with a handle for a LONG time - like a year!! Never found anything that pleased me until I saw these!! I love them so much I want to own another set!!! LOL

Margaret Haren Reviewed in the United States

Would highly recommend. You get so many for a great price. And these are super sturdy with a quality I didn’t expect. They clean up very easy. I would definitely buy again and I would give as a gift also.

Wendy R. Reviewed

I have been cooking since I was 10yrs old and I am now 68. I love a good pot or frying pan. This pot is the best one ever. I love the little black pads and the handles don't get hot at all. It's a win win!

Alexbear Reviewed in the United States


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Quality and innovation are the most important brand values of Rorence. Now, we focus on developing all kinds of stainless steel products, committed to make customers’ lives better with our products. We want to turn the kitchen into a place of enjoyment and deliver a healthy lifestyle.Since the brand was founded, Rorence has been committed to developing quality stainless steel products to meet the culinary needs of professional chefs and food lovers alike. So far, our products have gained many customers' favor and recognition. Our products include mixing bowl set series, baking series, coffee&tea series, bartender tools and more.Most of our product are designed to be simple and concise, abandoning complex and useless details. In the process of research and development, we pursue practicality and durability of products to make customers feel more comfortable in use.